November Membeership Pack

November Membeership Pack

By: Corey Baier Comments: 0

Another month, another pack, and I’m pleased to announce that all the spots for this Membership 2.0 are now full. This one has many in store for you including a "who dunnit best" beer-off and a bonus beer! Just because it's my birthday this month and I'm in the gift giving mood!

Bison & Crown, Stronghold Brewing. Fort Macleod, AB. Cream Ale, 6.2%

Located in Fort Macleod, Stronghold Brewing was started by a family that is local to our neighbourhood, growing up in Scarboro. Until very recently, the only way to get their beer was to visit the taproom as they were not canning or bottling. Lucky for us this has changed, and we all get a chance to try out these hard-to-reach brews from the comfort of our living room!

Out of all their offerings, we selected the cream ale to add to this pack because there isn’t a better time than fall to enjoy this beautiful style of beer. Prior to prohibition, cream ales were common across North America but afterward became a style unique to Canada. This style is brewed in the same fashion as the German Kolsch, using top fermenting yeast (ale yeast) but allowing it to lager (cold condition) to reduce the fruity esters, thus creating a well-attenuated pale ale that is perfect for this time of year. Enjoy!

Wild Citrus Foeder-Aged Sour, Sawback Brewing. Red Deer, AB. Wild Sour, 5.3%

Wild sour beers are awesome!! Thanks, Sawback, for brewing this great beer. There’s so much going on inside this brew, from grapefruit and blood orange, to earthy oak wood, to Brett funk. Did I mention that Brettanomyces is my favorite yeast strain?! While often grouped with kettle sour beers, wild sour beers are a lot different and deserve to be classified in a sour group all their own. They use different fermentation methods that typically involve barrel aging with wild yeast to develop an unmistakable funkiness and depth to beer that is not duplicatable without time and skill. If this beer is your jam, be sure to check out our bottle fridge and our Premier Pack for more rare finds.

De Witte, Dageraad Brewing. Burnaby, BC. Passionfruit Wheat Sour, 5.2%

Specializing in Belgian style ales out of Burnaby, BC, Dageraad, if new to you is one to always keep an eye out for. But what are Belgian style ales? Perhaps its easier to define what a Belgian style is not. Belgian style beers do not try to conform to stylistic standards and are generally just brewed to create the best tasting experience possible. However, the one defining characteristic in all Belgian styles is that the yeast/microbe profile takes a prominent role in your tasting experience.

This beer is no different. While categorized as a sour, we think that the mild tartness only plays a supporting role in the overall flavour profile. The citrus, passion fruit, and wheat spice dance a beautiful melody in your mouth.

Hop Me Darkly, SYC Brewing. Edmonton, AB. Cascadian Dark Ale, 5.5% AND Zenosyne, Annex Ale Project. Calgary, AB. Cascadian Dark Ale, 5.5%

We were torn at ABX on which one of these dark brews to include in your pack; some of the team voted for Hop Me Darkly and some voted for Zenosyne. So, we decided to include both beers and let you decide. Plus, it’s my birthday month so I can do anything I want

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