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Frequently asked questions

What the Heck is ABX?
Is Alberta Beer Exchange a bar?

Nope! Not a bar at all. ABX is a boutique liquor store with a focus on Alberta’s craft beers, offered through our unique growler exchange and in single bottles and cans. We also offer a range of craft spirits and a good selection of wine.

Do you offer more than just beer?

Absolutely! The world offers more than just great craft beer and has a wide selection of craft spirits, ciders, meads, and prepared craft cocktails. We carry a good selection of all of these…including some great wine choices (although not from Alberta).

Why the Growler Exchange?

Because our double-wall, stainless steel vessels offer the best way to enjoy keg fresh beer anywhere, anytime. They are unbreakable and keep your beer cold for hours. So be sure to grab one for your next outdoor adventure, your next house party, or just to enjoy at home.

How much is a growler deposit?

We offer three sizes of beer selections. The 36oz deposit is $30 and the 32oz deposit is $20. The deposit is per growler but is fully refundable. Need more growlers to host a party? Just pay the deposits, drink up, and return the extras for a full refund when you’re done. We will keep track of your deposit in the system so that it only gets returned to you when you’re done with the growler. One caveat, if you don't come in to exchange for a three month period, we assume you're keeping the growler. We use your deposit to replace your growler so that we can keep the exchange program going.

How does the exchange work?

It’s very simple. On your first visit to ABX, simply select a full growler and pay for the beer plus the one-time refundable deposit. Come back as often as you wish, exchanging your empty growler for a full one and just pay for the fresh beer.

How long do I have to exchange the growler?

After 3 months of not using the program, we assume you’re not coming back and consider you to have purchased the growler. We have to do this because we need the growlers coming back so others can use the program. If you don’t come back, we need to replace that growler, so we use your deposit to purchase a new one, therefore, your deposit becomes non-refundable at that point.

Do you sell your growlers?

No. We want you to keep exchanging them so other customers can use the program too.

What are your prices like? How much is a growler fill?

Craft beer pricing is quite varied so we can’t give a definitive answer on this, however, prices range from about $7 to $12 per litre depending on the beer. Refer to our Beer/Growlers page for current growler pricing and selections.

So, we don't have to wash our used growlers?

That’s correct! Please rinse your growler when it’s empty and we will sanitize the growlers according to the standards of the Draft Quality Manual to remove all contaminants before we refill them again.

How long do your growlers last?

We suggest drinking the beer within a week of purchase, but unopened growlers can stay fresh for a few weeks. Once the growlers have been opened, please consume within 1-2 days for the best drinking experience.

Do you fill non-ABX growlers?

No. Due to our proprietary filling processes, we only fill ABX growlers. They are pre-filled under pressure and ready to go so you don't have to wait for it to be filled!

How many different beers do you offer in growlers?

We rotate through varieties regularly which are typically made up of 18-20 craft beer choices, and 3-4 cider, mead, and craft cocktail options.

How often do you rotate your growler options?

It really depends on the beer and how quickly it sells out or how much we can bring in. Sometimes a beer lasts a day or two, or it can be an option for a couple of weeks.

Do you offer samples?

We are working on a solution to bring back sampling now that we are in post-covid era.

Where are you located?

Sunalta! Right at the bottom of the stairs of the Sunalta C-Train station, making it easy for you to get here. We also have dedicated parking spots in the parking lot to the east of the building and free two-hour parking on the street out front.

Do you ship outside of Alberta?


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