April Sampling Sessions

April Sampling Sessions

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ABX: April Sampling Sessions

Alongside blooming flowers, refreshing rain showers, and the buzz of nature awakening from its winter slumber, ABX is also bringing back our Saturday Afternoon Sampling sessions, featuring artisanal spirits, exquisite wines, and cutting-edge beers. Join us as we embark on a journey through the tasting schedule at ABX, where every sip tells a story and every glass is filled with adventure.

Parajes del Valle Winery Tasting:


A place where you will find special wines, original, created with care. Unique because the vines from which they are born are also unique. Vines that know how to overcome hard times and have come out strengthened over the years. The way of making wine in this winery has a clear inspiration: respect for our environment. We know that only by taking care of the biodiversity of these lands, they will give us their best fruit. That is why we make organic and natural wines because we love the environment, and what one loves is not mistreated. “We invite you to discover our way of making wine. Although perhaps it is a way of understanding life”.


Born Brewing Co. Beer Tasting:

A staple of the Calgary beer scene, Born Brewing Co. believes beers are more than a beverage. They are laughing until you can’t breathe and camping under the stars in Banff. They are backyard barbecues on long weekends and sunburns from Spring skiing. That is why Born brews crisp, fresh, unique beers that have you itching for your next journey.


Olds College Brewmaster Program Beer Tasting:

Welcome Kelsey back to ABX as we embark on her journey through becoming a brewmaster by sampling her own personally brewed craft beers! Being only one of three of these programs offered in Canada, the graduating students have shaped the beer industry across Canada. Join us as we sample the next generation of brewers and beers in this special to ABX sampling session!


Garneau Block Natural Wine Tasting:

A natural wine liquor agency in Alberta, bringing you delicious natural, biodynamic, and low-intervention wines from sustainable, family-run wineries.


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