December 2020 Membeership Packs

December 2020 Membeership Packs

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December 2020 Membeership 2.0 Packs

Good Evening Membeers!! We are going to call this one the “Party in Your Mouth” pack because that’s the ONLY place you’ll be having a party these days. We’ve got a spectacular line up of beers that are flavour-packed so you can focus on those instead of reading depressing news stories. So, turn off the TV, put on some of your favourite tunes, and lose yourself in the world of flavour as you enjoy these delicious brews.

Vertigo, E9 Brewing Co., Tacoma, Washington. New England IPA, 6.9%

Located near the Yakima Valley which produces some of America’s best hops, we think E9 IPAs are displaying some of the biggest hop flavours around. This little beauty features the experimental hop, Sabre, which displays a ton of tangerine flavours. Seriously, it’s like biting into a fresh juicy tangerine. But not JUST tangerine. There is a smorgasbord of flavours going on in here such as mango, coconut, grape, kiwi, peach, gooseberries, melon, and citrus fruits. Sit back and enjoy these flavours as they show themselves to you as your beer warms up slightly.

Pink Panther, Polar Park Brewing, Edmonton, AB. Raspberry Witbier, 4.5%

Da da. Da da. Da da da da da da da da da daaaaaahhhhhh…sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You can’t say Pink Panther without at least humming that tune (I feel bad for you if you’re too young to remember the cartoon). The Pink Panther rocked pink like nobody’s business, and so does this beer. Polar Park nailed it with the fruity raspberry flavours in this refreshingly crushable wheat beer. So good! I couldn’t stop drinking this one and had to include it for you all to experience. Who is Polar Park?! They are one of Edmonton’s newest breweries with a solid line up of beers. Keep an eye out for the cans with the signature polar bear with the constellation head.

Breakfast Stout, Outcast Brewing, Calgary, AB. Coffee Stout, 6.5%

Breakfast beer? Why not, it seems like a good time for that. You’re working from home, no need to drive anywhere. It has your freshly roasted Bolivian single-origin coffee and packs a ton of oatmeal. What else do you need? Oh right, chocolate, creaminess, cocoa, richness, roasty-ness, smoothness…yes, it has all of those too.

Heist, Cannery Brewing, Penticton, BC. Maple Stout, 5.5%

You know that awful artificial flavour you get in “maple flavoured” cereal and candies?? This beer is not that! This is genuine, Canadian maple syrup flavoured beer perfect for enjoying on cool winter evenings. Let this one warm up in a glass for 10-15 minutes before you drink it so you can fully enjoy the maple, vanilla, coffee, and cocoa flavours. This is a true staff favourite and we all look forward to it’s release every fall.

Saisons in the Abyss Born of Fire #1, New Level Brewing, Calgary, AB. Farmhouse Saison 6.0%

Get ready to UP YOUR BEER GAME. This Saison pays homage to its homeland, Belgium. Where wild beers reign free and are packed full of farmhouse-y, barnyard-y goodness. The flavours here are something to behold with depth and complexity from the barrel-aging process done in French Oak for two years to pick up slight undertones of vanilla, coconut, and smoke. On the palate, it is funky. If you’ve never had it before or not known what it was, here is your introduction to Brettanomyces (Brett) yeast! Enjoy its fruity sweetness and bone-dry finish. This is a great example of this style, albeit an entry level farmhouse beer. If you love these flavours, be sure to visit us to explore more advanced options which are typically found in bottles.

Jamboree, 2 Crows Brewing. Halifax, NS. Strawberry Guava Sour 4.8%

2 Crows Brewing. Makes. Great. Beer. Jamboree is a fruited sour made with 415 lbs of strawberry puree and 280 lbs of guava puree. Pouring a nice peach colour, it is just sour enough that it won’t rip your taste buds off. It is packed with creamy fruit flavours of tropical fruit, strawberries, mango, and of course, guava with subtle floral notes. Medium bodied with refreshing acidity and mellow bitterness. Try this beer with your favourite salty comfort food dish while you’re having a party for one.


We want to sincerely THANK YOU for your unwavering support this year and for helping our little business survive during this tumultuous time. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season however you celebrate it!

Big love from the entire team here at ABX.

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