Benjamin Bridge Pet Nat 250ml

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On the palate, the wine refreshes instantaneously, thanks to ‘juicy’ suggestions of mandarin orange peel and citrus oil mist. A raw wine in its natural state, featuring a succulent combination of lightness and crushability. 10% ABV
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In the glass, a hazy golden colour with a flaxen hue. On the nose, hints of orange confit and kafir lime are complicated by mineral notes of crushed rocks. The palate is airy; a weightless wine once again channeling fresh suggestions of lemon zest and grapefruit oil. More exotic and tropical notes emerge on a persistent finish. 10% ABV

Short for Pétillants Naturels, these are traditional method sparkling wines that start out as still wines (the base) and then bottled with grape juice complete with its native yeasts and natural sugars to cause a secondary fermentation in the bottle (which creates the bubbles). These wines may contain residual sugars, sediment, and will evolve in the bottle because they are ‘alive’. They come in all colours; white, red, orange, and pink.

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