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If you are new to the growler exchange program, here are a few helpful tidbits:

    • Our growlers are double-walled, stainless-steel, and filled under pressure to keep the beer carbonated for weeks instead of days
    • You don't purchase the growlers, they are essentially free to use! You simply pay a deposit on each growler which covers our cost if you don't return them; if you do return them, we refund you your deposit. If you don't use the program and don't come back within three months for a refund, we keep your deposit to purchase more growlers and keep the exchange program going
    • Once you've paid your deposit on your first visit, you bring it back empty and exchange it for a full one, only paying for the beer inside
    • We sanitize the growlers in-house and practice high standards of cleanliness
    • We have two growler sizes; 32oz ($20 refundable deposit) and 36oz ($30 refundable deposit)
    • You can order growler exchanges online, just be sure to give your empty growlers to the delivery driver or bring them into the store with you if you choose to pick up your order
    • If you're getting a new growler online, simply choose between "Growler Exchange" if you have already paid a deposit, or "New Growler Deposit" if you don't have one to exchange
    • The growlers will keep fresh for a few weeks unopened, but please consume within a day of opening them for ultimate freshness
    • Please don't shake up the growlers (they are like a bottle of soda) or leave them in a hot vehicle (this will increase the pressure in the growlers)

To view our current line-up, select 'Growlers' under the 'Beer' drop down menu.

To add a growler to your cart, select the growler size under the Growlers sub-menu.

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