Eau Claire Distillery Rupert's Whisky 750ml

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Rupert’s Whisky offers an approachable flavour and a similar complexity to what you will find in every bottle of Eau Claire Distillery’s Single Malt Whisky. 40% ABV
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This exceptional Canadian Whisky is the first year-round whisky offering from Alberta’s first craft distillery. Rupert’s Whisky uses some of Eau Claire Distillery’s best whisky barrels. The resulting flavour, colour and taste is a rich balance of flavours that form an approachable yet distinctive choice that is perfect for mixing or enjoying on its own, neat or over ice.

Rupert’s Whisky is non-chill filtered, has no artificial caramel colouring. On the nose, Rupert’s Whisky starts with a sweetness and a hint of red fruits, chocolate and nutmeg. The whisky then continues to a dried fruit, and slightly nutty finish.

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