Vancouver Island Brewing Tahlequah Pacific Gose Sour 473ml

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Pacific Gose by Mayne Island Brewing Co., BC 4.8% ABV. Tahlequah, is known (sadly) for the media attention she got in 2018 when she carried her deceased calf for 17 days. She made headlines again in 2020 when she gave birth to a new healthy calf.
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Chinook salmon make up most of Southern Resident Killer Whale’s diet during the summer months, which and are a major focus of the Pacific Salmon Foundation. They PSF supports volunteers that restore habitats where Chinook spawn and feed, and enhance local populations through conservation hatcheries and net pens. PSF needs funding to expand their investment in Chinook given the urgent need of our southern residents pods.


The Pacific Salmon Foundation was established in 1987 as an independent charitable organization to protect, conserve and restore wild pacific salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon. They manage watershed initiatives in British Columbia that catalyze industry, First Nations, provincial and federal governments, and other non-profits. They work to advance science to improve the understanding of factors that limit the abundance of pacific salmon and work with government to prioritize and facilitate strategic salmon conservation in the province.

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