O.T. Brewing Penny Board Sour 473ml

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O.T.’s Penny Board is an auburn ale. Lightly kettle soured and co-fermented with tart cherry and cranberries producing those distinct cherry and subtle cranberry flavors on a sour, yet crushable deep red malt bill. 5.8% ABV
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19 Mar 2021
I'm out in Canmore for the weekend and brought a few tasty beverages along with me including this one. Penny Board Cherry Cranberry Dark Sour features a 5.8% ABV and is brewed by Calgary's O.T. Brewing. It pours dark amber and scent is surprisingly a little on the sweet side. The body is nice and smooth and I got a lot of malt in the flavor with moderate to medium tartness popping up toward the finish. Decent beer if you like sours with more of a fruity profile and not something completely face puckering. My personal preference is for a little more sourness but this was enjoyable nonetheless.