Old Westminster Winery Field Blend Piquette Pet-Nat 750ml

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Spritzy and lower in alcohol. Thirst quenching and sessionable. Aroma: cranberries, strawberry vinaigrette, tart cherry. Palate: rhubarb pie, fruit loops, soft bubbles. 7% ABV
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Piquette is a vinous beverage produced by hydrating pressed grapes with water for a second fermentation. Because freshly pressed grapes are chock-full of sugar and yeast, a second spontaneous fermentation takes off when water is added to the grapes. This yields a refreshing, wine-like beverage with a lower alcohol percentage than traditional wine.

When the fermentation is nearly finished – and the remaining sugar is at the precise level – they bottled the wine under crown cap. The fermentation finishes in bottle and the resultant CO2 is trapped and dissolved into the wine under pressure to create beautiful, fine bubbles. This method is called pét-nat. 

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